Building Management Systems (BMS)

TBG has a BMS Division, consisting of specialist and experienced operatives in both Trend and Honeywell/Tridium BMS systems. We offer full BMS turnkey packages – from design, through to the build and Installation, as well as maintenance and upgrades. We currently provide BMS services to +460 sites across Local Authorities and private clients.

What are BMS systems?

Building Management Systems are computer based systems that help to manage, control & monitor services such as heating, ventilation, lighting and air-conditioning and energy management. 

Why have a BMS system installed?

These intelligent systems ensure the building, whether it be a domestic or commercial premise, operates at maximum levels of efficiency. They provide real-time data and control, leading to cost efficiencies and supporting sustainability strategies for now and the future.

Real-time monitoring and control

Our BMS solutions are infinitely expandable and are able to provide centralised, real-time monitoring and control of boilers, alarms, sensor logs, historical data and more. Over the course of our contract with Southwark for example, we have expanded across 142 sites for borough-wide transparency, cost savings and reductions.

What if my BMS system goes wrong?

TBG can provide on demand remote support to clients, wherever they are located.

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Design and build

Our specialist team of experts design from both client specification or bespoke recommendation, attending client meetings and conducting site visits to assess the works. We work closely with the consultants to ensure designs are correct. We then produce design blueprints via AutoCAD software.

We also produce specifications, and have done so for most of our clients, including Ealing, Lambeth and Southwark Councils and Peabody Housing Association.

Our team then build the system within our purpose built workshop. We test the equipment off-site and the mechanical and electrical installation can take place. 


Our specialist team can offer the following maintenance services for BMS:

  • Planned Preventative Maintenance
  • Reactive remedial works
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Breakdown cover – same day/next day 
  • Remote assistance & troubleshooting
  • Trend dialup systems

What else can we do?

  • ADSL setup
  • 4G GSM Modems
  • 4G GSM Connection Fail Over Solutions (GSM activates if ADSL stops working)
  • 3rd Parts Interfacing:
    • Control 4 (AV system)
    • AMX (AV system)
    • Crestron (AV system)
    • Dakin (AC systems)
    • Mitsubishi (AC systems)
    • Electrical and Heat metering

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