Gender pay gap is defined as the difference between the average hourly pay of men and women. As well as looking at basic differences in pay, the research identifies the characteristics that explain those differences such as age, occupation and level of education. The report is intended to further debate and highlight areas where intervention may be needed.

Although we run campaigns to recruit more female operatives, it is predominantly males who tend to gravitate more to occupations such as Plumbers, Heating Engineers, Builders and Electricians. Therefore it becomes difficult to analyse the data below.

Based on a demographic of 75% male employees the below results were found.

Our organisation’s 2020 to 2021 gender pay gap report:

  1. Mean difference in hourly rate of pay – mean = 32.08%
  2. Median difference in  hourly rate of pay – median = 29.72%
  3. Mean difference in bonus pay – mean = -58.19%
  4. Median difference in bonus pay – median = 38.56%
  5. Percentage of employees who received bonus pay: Male 44.17% Female 15.29%
  6. Employees by pay quartile: Male Female Upper quartile: Male – 91.25%, Female – 8.75%Upper middle quartile – Male – 88.89%, Female – 11.11%Lower middle quartile Male – 66.67%, Female – 33.33%Lower quartile Male 48.15%, Female – 51.85%


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