At TBG strive to provide a safe and efficient service for our customers and their various requirements. We embrace the drive for ‘Best Value’ and ‘Partnering’ in our Projects.

We have specialist knowledge and experience of working within large-scale commercial and industrial projects as well many public buildings such as library’s and civic centres, office blocks and schools within the M25 including the City of London.
Our wealth of experience and understanding of these types of projects means we can adapt and work around your business needs. 

Why refurbish?

In the recent days of economic unrest & the need for sustainable buildings in the construction industry, the most common & user friendly way of updating sites to current building regulations is to refurbish their existing footprint. T Brown Group Projects division is at the forefront to make those changes possible.

Why Install?

At the end of 2019, the government took steps to go further & faster  to tackle climate change. In response to the Committee on Climate Change’s (CCC) recommendations, and to reach net zero emissions by 2050, one of the main government proposed actions for businesses was to drastically improve commercial buildings in the private rented sector, including a consultation on plans to improve the energy performance of rented commercial buildings.

T Brown Group are aware that organisations & clients are looking more & more into their own carbon footprint and are dedicated to help them achieve those aims.


We work collaboratively with clients to create a design proposal that fulfils their design requirements. As most of our project works are multi discipline, our detailed design proposal can include, but are not limited to, air conditioning, heating, ventilation, water services and electrical works. Having decided on a preferred solution we will deliver a complete installation from start to finish. Specialist services including fume handling, medical gases, process steam and fuel storage and delivery can all be accommodated.


We carry out logistically complex installations on a daily basis including the replacement of complete district heating systems, to occupied housing estates without losing service to individual flats for more than a day.

Recent projects have included:

  • City of London, Tower Bridge – Installed and commissioned two new bespoke non-condensing boilers systems to an iconic landmark
  • Wandsworth Borough Council, Winstanley Estate – Replacement of 40 fans serving 1018 dwellings and system refurbishment.
  • Wandsworth Borough Council, Hyacinth Estate – Replacement of gas, heating and hot water distribution mains and in flat services to 172 flats.
  • Lambeth Council, Electrical – The replacement of lateral mains to in-flat switchboards and landlord mains to 15 blocks of flats.
  • Lambeth Council, Paulet Road – Installation of new external heating mains and boosted cold water system, with the installation of an HIU and new in flat installation to 181 flats
For more recent project works click on the below client logos to read related case studies:
City of London