Lambeth Council

Tulse Hill Estate – Case Study

Client: Lambeth Council
Project: Lateral Mains Replacement
Location: Tulse Hill Estate
Size: 12 blocks, 408 dwellings


The scope of project was to replace the lateral mains electric cables that supply each dwelling and replace the existing lighting system with new cables, containment and emergency lighting provision.

The existing system was at the end of its serviceable life, so to ensure sustainability for the future and minimum power interruptions for the residents, a complete new Landlords Electrical Installation was undertaken.


The works were carefully planned and phased over a period of time to ensure all 12 blocks and some 408 dwellings were completed on time and budget. Our Customer Liaison Officers took care of any vulnerable residents, this included spending time with them during the works and ensuring we had portable generators to keep essential power on within their dwelling during the changeover day.


Using LED lighting, with emergency function, we were able to significantly upgrade the safety of the blocks, with an increase in luminance levels and a decrease in the energy consumption. Lighting controls are by an adjustable photoelectric cell ensuring the blocks are illuminated at the required times.

The new lateral mains system was installed, running in parallel with the existing system. This method ensured the residents had minimal disruption and existing lighting was continuous throughout the works.

As with any project there were some access issues but with hard work and determination all required dwellings were connected to the new system and 100% access first time was achieved to allow for the changeover. All works were completed on time and within budget.


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